This is my first ever blog post.

Yesterday (today morning, technically), something funny happened. A few days ago, I posted a comment on Arnold’s blog in which I said that Engg. students have interesting and amusing lives. Here’s an example.

I came back from Mumbai yesterday night at 10:30 and basically went straight to sleep. A friend of mine, Salil, called in the middle of the night, telling me to come downstairs, and he wouldn't tell me the reason. I was worried, and went downstairs fast, after telling my parents.

Salil and another friend Amit were waiting downstairs, grinning stupidly. They’d decided to go out for a coffee (at ‘Relax’ in Bibwewadi), and then they decided to come to Kothrud (10 miles away) for a soup - at 1 am.

And when they reached my house, their petrol ran out, and so they called me. So I sat there, bleary-eyed, talking to Salil, and Amit took my Scooty and went to get a bottle of petrol. Then he came back and they invited me to have a soup with them. I declined and went back to sleep.

All this, by the way, is a mere fortnight before their exams.

Just goes to illustrate my comment that Engg. students are an interesting bunch of people. I can’t imagine this ever happening in Arts.