Another little story.
This was when Auntie and Uncle had the Big Fight. The one where neither talks. They refused to say anything to the adults, so Brother and I were sent in – the little troops, sent in to find the little secrets.

They were sitting in adjoining rooms. Brother went to Uncle, and I sat with Auntie.

“I’m going to shoot both of them!” Uncle raged. “Nasty fuckers!”

“But you don’t have a camera!” Brother protested.

A pause. “So did you ...?” I asked Auntie.

“I’m not sure,” she said. “It was on a trip. At one point we were in a cave. It was dark. I don’t remember, actually.”

Brother seemed to steel his nerve. He asked the ultimate question, “So who’d she do it with anyway?”

Another pause. “Her brother. That smarmy little bastard!”

As I sat rigid with shock, Brother whispered something timidly.

“Forgive them?” Uncle thundered. “They lost my 1971 Original Autographed Led Zeppelin IV LP. How can I forgive them? I’m going to kill them!”

Brother and I met in the hallway. We did what anybody sensible would do. We giggled.