Lethargy controls me. Another non-post. Another piece of fiction. Not 55 words this time, though. I wrote this story a couple of years ago, when I got my first pair of contact lenses. It was supposed to be part of a series (A-Z), which I never actually completed.

Spectacles are made on Phobos, the moon of Mars. Spectacle-vendors do not know that.

Spectacles convert humans into Martian hybrids.

On 14th March 2075 1:25:32 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time, every one of 750 million spectacle-wearers will remove her/his spectacles, and the earth will implode.

This isn’t public knowledge because it might cause a slight panic.

The CIA is conducting a search-and-destroy campaign for every converted human.

An excellent reason for wearing contact lenses.