Here, ladies and gents, is my 55-word tag. Lots of love to Shweta for sending it to me. The deal here is that you have to write a complete story in 55 words, no more. The rules are here.

And since there is no rule that I have to stop at one, I am now never going to let go. Years from now, you will still periodically be reading 55-word stories from me. And you will die from them. Mwa-ha-ha! (Note: There is really no need to worry. My attention span lasts minutes. There is no way I will remember this after a couple of weeks.)

Here is the first instalment of the tag. It has no title, because I suck at titles. The other stories probably won’t have titles either. Here it is.


The wind whipped at her face. She shivered, fingering the gun under her coat as she headed to meet the werewolf, to kill it.

She was the only one who could. It would not attack or hurt her, so she had volunteered.

The werewolf stood its ground. It growled at her.

“Hi Daddy,” she said.

By the way, I duly tag Aishwarya.