A couple of days ago, I discovered that I share a weird kinship with author Neil Gaiman. In this post, he says that he has been handwriting his fiction since 1994, because, for one, it makes him write better.

I, the great Bidikar, discovered the same thing a year ago. I had a ‘block’ (gngngn) because I thought I was a very bad writer, and then I discovered that handwriting was a wonderful way of writing that keeps the crap to a minimum, although it also means that I sometimes lose entire sentences because I can’t decipher them later. So you see, me and Mr. Gaiman have so many similarities: we both like writing longhand, we both think it makes us write better, and we both like transferring it onto the computer. It is almost as if our minds are connected in some unfathomable way.

Of course, there are differences too. Such as the fact that he is a world-renowned author, and I’m not. But were you not listening? I’ve just discovered that Neil Gaiman is my long-lost uncle. Do I look as if I care about mere publication?