Yesterday, I was thinking about Superman. You know him, don’t you? Big, strong chap, wears a cape, has many enemies, saves people.

Now imagine this. Superman’s walking down a lonely street, dressed as Clark Kent, and suddenly, through his superhearing, he hears a plea for help. He starts running, rips off his clothes, and takes into the air. Then, when he's 1000 feet in the air, he realises he forgot to put on his suit this morning.

So he’s completely naked, right? And that won’t do, will it? Imagine if somebody sees him. Imagine – you’re Superman, it’s a few days later, you see an old lady in trouble, and you swoop down majestically. And she says, “Hee hee! I saw you naked! Hee hee!”

That won’t do, will it? He’s going to lose all respect. His cheeks will go red! Not those cheeks – you’ve got dirty minds.

So anyway, he has to get down, and being Superman, he definitely can’t ask someone for help. You know what will happen. Someone will see him, and next thing you know, instead of Superman they’ll be calling him Wee Willy Winkie. You know they will. The large men always have little ones.

So I would like you people to suggest methods of getting him down safely. This is of prime importance, because until you suggest something, he’ll be hung in the air (not that kind of hung), and won’t be able to come down.