Right now, my holidays are going on. Since a few days before my exams, I have been working in a BPO. I write 4-5 articles a day on given topics.

These topics have ranged from baby diapers and strollers to swimsuits and trucks and trailers and fishing (that was informative). Overall, working there has been fun. My bosses let me be, and I can goof off as much as I want as long as I get the work done. And I have unlimited internet access (it’s slow, but at least I can surf).

I have a formula for writing these articles. They range from 250-500 words. My formula is: 40 words introduction, 2 (or more) paras of 100 words each, and then, if I still haven’t filled the word count, I write one para on online trading (how you can get the specified item online). In fact, out of the 160 odd articles I have written, more than 90 have a para about online trading.

So work is simple, it gets me money, and I can put my brain on hold without consequence. And writing crap means that when I come home, I want to write something good. In the last three weeks, I have written more 2000 words of fiction, and more than 3000 words of stuff including this blog, comments on other people’s blogs, assorted essays, discussions on SFFWorld.com forums, and, most of all, book reviews for my website.

Which is nice.


I have been reading a lot of Terry Pratchett these days, and this is one of my favourite quotes. It’s a little offensive, but very funny.

Terry Pratchett (in Soul Music):
The question seldom addressed is where Medusa had snakes. Underarm hair is an even more embarrassing problem when it keeps biting the top of the deodorant bottle.