As the more astute of you might have noticed from the look (or from the title of this post), this blog now sports a new template, as well as a new name.

The template (called Connections) was downloaded from, and adapted for Blogger by myself (it’s originally for WordPress). Took some work, but it was worth it, I believe.

The new title comes from a phrase that has been stuck in my head for a looooong time. It has nothing whatsoever to do with this movie, though.

I created the header after being frustrated with every image I tried. A couple of people tell me it’s good. Please tell me what you think.

The template is still in a state of flux, and I will be fixing things slowly but surely. So if some of you are using IE (creeps), and have the font size anything other than medium, you might see the text somewhat oddly. This will be fixed in the coming week. Have patience, or shift to Firefox like sane people.