My blog will be abandoned for the next few days. From the 1st of June to the 7th, I will be in Goa with my family for a wedding. I don’t think I’ll be anywhere near a computer, but if I manage to stagger into a cybercafé, I might at least reply to and post comments. But no new actual posts, that’s for sure.

It’s my cousin’s wedding, by the way, otherwise I might’ve tried to bale out. The funny thing is that my cousin and her family and the groom all live in Mumbai, while the groom’s family lives in Kerala. Now the wedding is in Goa because it’s at an equal distance from both sides. Nice reasoning, eh?

Anyway, I don’t have much hope for having a good time, because I’m not very close to most of my relatives. But at least here I’ll be with my female cousins rather than my male cousins. My female cousins are nice, if rather conventional, people, but my male cousins are absolutely unbearable. Spending more than a couple of days with them can be compared to machines taking over the earth – somewhat possible, but you fervently hope you’re dead before it happens.

All my cousins will be totally involved in the preparations, and there’s nobody else there who I know, so I won’t be able to wander as much as I’d like to. But still, I’m hoping I might find someone pleasant enough, although it’s a remote chance.

So, I’ll be seeing you people in a week. If something mildly interesting happens during my trip, I might post something on it after I come back, but don’t count on it.

For my pleasure, I’m taking three books – Faking It by Nigel Planer (who appeared in The Young Ones and wrote and starred in the incomparable The Nicholas Craig Masterclass), Coraline by Neil Gaiman (which I’m reading for the third time) and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (which seems to be interesting). I’ve got another book called The Mammoth Book of SF 1999, which is 700 pages long. All these will hopefully last me the journey, otherwise you might get to read about the suicide of a 19-year-old aspiring writer due to sheer boredom.

See you.

PS: The last couple of posts might have been a bit iffy (for some people at least). I was rather busy, and I couldn’t pay the blog as much attention as I would’ve liked. Hopefully, the next few will be more personal, and probably somewhat better (though I personally like both the previous posts).