I have not been posting for a while. I was run out of town by a mob, and had to come back under cover of night. Therefore, this post is being posted in a hurry.

Nobody tagged me for this, but it seems interesting. All this is off the top of my head, of course.

Seven Things I Plan to (i.e., Want to) Do:

1) Post on the blog more often, for obvious reasons.

2) Complete my fucking book. I have been writing it (or rather, sitting on it) for almost a year now, and it never seems to go beyond 40 pages, because whenever I add something, I delete something I’d written before. For those interested, a very, very, very early version of the first chapter is available here.

3) Get out of the house more. I don’t want to turn into a misanthropic loner (although some might say I already am one). And people have their uses.

4) Stop procrastinating. Although I doubt this is even possible.

5) Write more. In general. Did you know that I wrote all of 500 words of fiction in the last week? And I deleted 100 of those, and another 200 are under review.

6) Travel. This is probably the most important one after 2 and 5 (and 7, of course)

7) Watch an orgy. Seriously.

Seven Things I Can’t Do:

1) Watch tv beyond one commercial break.

2) Finish stuff I plan. (I only get it done about 30% of the time.)

3) (Currently) Not sing a Nick Cave song loudly about a zillion times a day.

4) Have any semblance of tact.

5) Select my own clothes. Well, that is.

6) Finish studying before an exam.

7) Go to college willingly.

Seven Things I Often Say:

1) “What the fuck?”

2) “LATER!” (In three-foot high letters with frills around.)

3) “Idiot.”

4) “Fookin beezaar!”

5) “Stuff and nonsense.”

6) “Inchusting ...”

7) “Eh?”

And since I have been doing this illegally, so to speak, I will be nice and not spread it around. In fact, I expressly forbid all of you from answering this tag on your blog.