Here’s a bit of Christmas cheer.

President-for-Life Sheelzebub has announced the First Annual Anti-Feminist Conference. (via The Countess.)

Here are some of the seminars that are available:

Virgin or Whore? A Lady Against Feminism and a Men's Rights Advocate square off in a rousing debate to figure out if feminists are all slutty sex machines or all hate men and sex.

Feminist fashions--the telltale signs you are looking at a feminist through dress "codes." Come and learn about the various "uniforms" feminists wear. From the blue-gray of the collective farm of Marxist days, to the long hippie dresses and skirts of the granola set, to the ultra-lowrider jeans and leather halter top of the sluts in the movement, see what feminists today are wearing. Feminists are evil because the always show some skin. Except when they don't, and that's evil too!

The Countess adds her own interesting suggestions for seminars.