Here is ‘The Ultimate Showdown’. Click on ‘Watch This Movie’ and turn up the sound. (via The Designer Monologues)

If you like the South Park Bidi Uncle character in my sidebar, you can make your very own here.

For something hilarious, there’s always Overheard in New York.

And the new Desi Blogosphere discovery – Crystal Blur’s take on the Mahabharata.

Or visit the rather nicely done Tristram Shandy movie website. (It is a Winterbottom movie. I rub my hands in anticipation.)

And lastly, Jabberwock’s post on interesting comments.

Now for extra fun, tell yourself and your friends a couple of Uranus jokes, or, if you’re pressed (or drunk/hungover), knock-knock jokes.

And by the way, y’all have a very happy new year, ye hear?